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Solar Panel Inline Fuse with MC4 Connectors

Solar Panel Inline Fuse with MC4 Connectors

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Solar panel inline fuses are designed to protect solar panels, arrays and equipment from spikes in electrical current, as well as short circuits if required. Limiting the output of a solar system may be necessary for safety reasons as well as in the interest of protecting any forward equipment, such as solar charge controllers, that may only be rated up to a certain electrical threshold.

These fuses are rated with a choice of 10 or 15 amps and can be used on their own or in multiples to protect individual panels or sub-arrays as required. Each fuse is equipped with the industry standard MC4 connector on both ends, which makes them extremely easy to setup and use, with their respective male and female polarity making it impossible to wire incorrectly. They are also water resistant for continuous outside use.

Changing a blown fuse is as easy as unscrewing the plastic housing and replacing the inner conductor with a common 38 x 10 cartridge fuse. The stock fuse is rated up to 1000VDC.

Perfect for any off-grid setup, outbuilding project, automated greenhouse, campervan, caravan, motorhome, RV or boat.

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