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Leisure Battery Parallel Connection Cables 16mm2 Two Way

Leisure Battery Parallel Connection Cables 16mm2 Two Way

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A pair of 16mm2 hi-flex cables with standard leisure battery terminals, perfect for building off-grid storage systems to fit any campervan, caravan, motorhome, RV or fifth wheel.

Connect two leisure batteries in parallel using the colour coded positive and negative electrical insulation, which are designed for ease of installation and maintenance.

Build and configure an off-grid battery bank using an array of smaller batteries that are physically easier to arrange and transport.

Easily connect additional DC equipment like water pumps, solar charge controllers and AC inverters, using the 8mm stud on each battery terminal.

Cables are crimped on each end for optimal vibration resistance, while the sturdy spring washer on each terminal ensures a reliable connection and good electrical conduction.

Cables are rated up to 110 amps DC.

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