Kickstart Kamper is a small social business based in Dorset, with a keen focus on alternative living and all things off-grid. The mission is to make alternative lifestyles and sustainability more accessible through a range of practical products, helpful content and community projects.

Kickstart Kamper was founded out of a old works van as part of a LPG-free campervan conversion project, the passion for which has since grown into something much bigger. This gives the business a particular familiarity with the needs of off-grid vehicles, outbuildings and tiny homes, with an optimistic perspective on what can be achieved.

Josh Bowen Bio Kickstart Kamper

Kickstart Kamper was founded me, Josh, an engineer and keen maker, with a background in electronics and manufacturing in the automotive industry. I have a particular passion for green technologies and empathise with the growing need and demand for healthier and more sustainable ways of living. I have therefore made it my mission to use my technical skills to promote these alternatives, while making them much more accessible to the general public.

Kickstart Kamper Iveco Daily

Having finished my own Iveco Daily campervan conversion, I have been testing the practicality of off-grid living and have been genuinely staggered with how positive the results have been so far. From solar panels to leisure batteries, inverters, electric boilers, space heaters and induction hobs, they all work brilliantly, and have generated a lot of interest in the project from my community.

My old van has so far proven to be so comfortable, it often makes me wonder, how much better could we all be living?

I have lived in Dorset for over twenty years, and having developed a technical mindset in the middle of the countryside, gives me a unique perspective on the natural environment and how we might use engineering to live alongside it a lot better than we do now.

Kickstart Kamper helps me employ my unique collection of skills where practical design, hand crafting, and small scale contemporary manufacturing are at the heart of the business. I am also keen to represent grassroots British engineering and manufacturing.

Cable Flatlay

From hand tooling to computer aided design (CAD), 3D printing and laser cutting, I am building a business that is both flexible, capable and on a journey towards sustainability.

At present Kickstart Kamper offers a curated selection of power cables, fuses and solar accessories, with an aim to provide off-grid campervan accessories and furnishings in the near future.

You can visit the shop here