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Leisure Battery Inline Fuse Holder

Leisure Battery Inline Fuse Holder

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A large inline fuse holder designed to protect leisure batteries and related DC equipment from spikes, short circuits and other overcurrent fault conditions.

Each fuse holder is designed to handle up to a maximum of 32 volts and 400 amps, ideal for use in low voltage, high current environments that are too intense for a blade fuse.

There are two 8mm (M8) stud terminals on the fuse holder, both with a respective nut and pair of washers that ensure a decent, longstanding connection to both the fuse and any connected cables. The addition of a spring washer on each terminal also makes them perfect for automotive applications and other environments exposed to vibration.

The distance between the terminals is approximately 51mm and are ideally suited to MEGA/BF2 style, bolt-down fuse types. It is recommended to use appropriately sized power cables and terminations for the type of fuse selected.

The clear plastic lid protects against tampering, large ingress and accidental short circuits, while making it easy to check the fuse condition and replace a blown fuse. Note: Fuses should never be changed under electrical load.

The holder itself can be mounted on any flat surface with the two 6mm holes provided on either end of the unit.

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